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Anping Hengshengyuan Process Drawing Plant

Jul 25, 2016

We start from wire---aluminum craft wire, copper enameled beading wire, green painted iron wire, paper covered florist wire, etc, almost any metal wire you could name.

10 years engaged in this industry, we have grown to be among China Top 3 craft wire supplier, with three wire factories established in Hebei, Anhui, Guangdong provinces, to meet different market requirements.

Wire is our specialty, but the HSY Company is much more than just a great wire manufacture. We offer a focused range of floral supplies, a hugely expanded line of gardening wire mesh products, exclusive decorative accessories, diverse wreath and easels, DIY mandrel tools, customizable wet&dry floral foam, and more.

We are the only supplier in China that not only produce craft wire by ourselves, but also work closely with more than 50 different craft factories with our experienced QC system to give our customers a complete floral and craft products solution.

All we want is to increase your profitability and inspire your creativity.

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